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All items are shipped from Berlin, Germany by the Deutsche Post or in the case of bulkier stuff, DHL. If you wish to pick them up or arrange other forms of payment, please get in touch via email.

An automated payment thing will be working soon but for now just send a mail to the link above if you want to buy something.

Books & Magazines

Superficial Intelligence – Issue 1

Artists take on Artifice
Highlights include interviews with Chris Marker’s chat-bot, discussions among taxonomic subjects, subverted diagrams, signs of humanity, hubris, robotic bawdiness.
B&W Laser Print with Pen Plots on the Cover – 32 Pages – Saddle Stitched
12€ + Shipping


Heroic Real Estate Otter of the 21st Century

On November 2, 2012, five writers met in the austere, white confines of the Inspace gallery, in Edinburgh, Scotland and wrote for seven hours. They were later joined by two other contributors. Their work was coldly delegated and mediated by a software edit-machine known as The Maggot. This book is the chewed-up corpse of the corpus that arose.
B&W – 112 Pages – Perfect Bound
8€ + Shipping


Anni Albers Algorithm Scarf

4-color scarf with algorithmically generated pattern.
Makes you feel warm and modernist.
100% Acrylic
Machine knit in Germany
45€ + Shipping


The Seven Deadly Sins of Networked Collaboration

Diagram for penitence in video-chat purgatory
4-color Risograph Print
A3 (297 x 420mm)
€15 + Shipping