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  • Data-Moshing, Data-Bending, Glitch
    Whatever you want to call it, it's pretty cool and some folks have been building an interesting scene around it: Some Refs to Data-bent images Rosa Menkman - glitch artist
  • Bad is Good-looking
    Designer Manuel Bürger led a workshop this year at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart called " The Beauty of Lacks and Limitation ".  Great overview of Dirt Style and Anti-d
  • The Ecstasy of Influence
    Amazing essay in Harpers by Jonathan Lethem on the topic of plagiarism, which itself is a brilliant work of plagiarism (with citations!).
  • The Detritus Manifesto
    The Berliner Gazette just published my short polemic "The Detritus Manifesto" as "Das Abfall Manifest" in German.  Thanks to Fabian Wolff for the excellent translation. 
  • ASCIImeo
    Watch Vimeo videos through rendered with colored text instead of pixels.
  • Pipelining Futility
    Rube Goldberg | Chindogu > Fischli & Weiss
  • Ethics or Aesthetics
    Very clever argument for the notion of marriage, specifically, as relates to the debate on gay marriage.

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