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  • Archives for Academic Texts
    aaaarg.org libgen.info
  • Kunstformen der Natur
    Ernst Haeckel was an early biologist and amazing illustrator from Potsdam.  His Kunstformen der Natur is pure natural symmetry porno.
  • Old Wax
    The Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project at UCSB has a huge collection of mp3s from old Amberola and other tubular-form recordings. All are out of copyright.
  • Google Image Ripper
    Pretty useful image browsing / stealing tool from generative artist Dear Computer .
  • Open Access Archive for Math-y Subjects
    arXiv.org at Cornell University has a huge collection of open access papers on CS, physics, stats and related quantitiative analysis. Computational Linguistics has gone op
  • Berlin in 1961
    Uncut US Army documentary footage of Berlin right before the wall went up.  No sound.
  • Nostalgic for the Future
    Popular Science has put up a huge archive covering the entire 137 year history of the magazine.  The navigation is rather crap at the moment (KW search only) but there's

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