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  • Color and Clocks
    Web based color clock Hex color live preview Color O'Clock - real physical clock with constantly changing color field
  • Autocompile on File Updates
    Nice little python script to automate LaTeX or CSS compile actions when files in subdirectories change.
  • CSS Flexboxes
    Not widely supported yet but very convenient layout tool: Mozilla Flexible Boxes Intro Flexbox Playground Another Demo
  • Frameless
    Fluid layouts without a grid with a Frameless layout.
  • HTML + CSS = PDF !
    Adam hyde tipped me off to this: BookJS (Requires Chrome 23+ at the moment) A little more work and we'll be close to precision page layout.
  • Layered Backgrounds in CSS
    Some tricks to create layered and non-repeating backgrounds in CSS.
  • Underlay and Overlay with CSS
    Two cute hacks with CSS: Scaled background images Overlay blocks

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