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  • ncurses in a browser
    Bless his nerdy heart: I Am Kevin - terminal-based personal web site made with python + ncurses + javascript.  Also accessible via telnet.
  • Rafael Rozendaal
    Rafael Rozendaal is an internet / interface artist who leans towards the formal and cartoonish.
  • Data-Moshing, Data-Bending, Glitch
    Whatever you want to call it, it's pretty cool and some folks have been building an interesting scene around it: Some Refs to Data-bent images Rosa Menkman - glitch artist
  • Bad is Good-looking
    Designer Manuel Bürger led a workshop this year at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart called " The Beauty of Lacks and Limitation ".  Great overview of Dirt Style and Anti-d
  • Lamination Colony
    Lamination Colony is a web-based experimental writing 'zine (can I say that?).  They also have some amazing, strictly-HTML (no images) design.
  • Make a PDF Presentation in like 5 Seconds
    Instead of fighting with crappy presentation software, just make a folder with a bunch of nice images and handmade slides. Name the files like 1.jpg, 2.png, 3.jpg, etc. Ma
  • Web Vernacular
    I was lucky enough to meet Dragan Espenschied a few months back when he gave a lecture about the gorgeous new book he edited with Olia Lialina:  Digital Folklore . Johann
  • The Drop Shadow Talks
    My esteemed colleague Johannes Osterhoff has put together an amazing set of talks at the BTK on the collision of design, interface and pop-culture:  The Drop Shadow Talks

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