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  • Color and Clocks
    Web based color clock Hex color live preview Color O'Clock - real physical clock with constantly changing color field
  • ProKilo
    Profi Baumarkt for metals and plastics.
  • Proto 50s Design
    Alvin Lustig , if not the inventor, at least the most visible progenitor of American 50's "stick and ball" style modernist design.  The interiors, especially offices, are
  • Classic Shelves
    Dieter Rams - 606 Universal System Nisse Strinning - String Shelves
  • How to Not Design Chairs
    Take the No-Chair-Design Challenge for 2012 and don't design any chairs for the rest of the year!
  • Best Beer Design
    When I was in Belguim last year I had this amazing trappist ale called Orval.  Their design is awesome.  Great logo, great type and a beautiful bottle shape.  Their web
  • Bookshelves Supported by a Central Column
    Shaker Style Marcel Breuer - Bauhaus
  • Socialist Computing
    Article , in German, about the DDR (former East Germany) computer industry.  The slideshow has some fantastic photos, even if you can't read Deutsch.

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