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  • User Labor Markup Language
    ULML is a standard for evaluating the economic value of user contributed labor in crowd-sourced web 2.0 systems.
  • TM Leaks
    Some naughty people have leaked the spreadsheet with all the artist fees from Transmediale 2014 in the form of a robotic rap tune .
  • The History of Debt
    Indentured Servitude now and then - a panel discussion.
  • The Old Boys Network Visualized
    The Capitalist Network that Runs the World - 1% control 40% of capital.  It's mostly banks.  Too big to fail...
  • The Detritus Manifesto
    The Berliner Gazette just published my short polemic "The Detritus Manifesto" as "Das Abfall Manifest" in German.  Thanks to Fabian Wolff for the excellent translation. 
  • Too Bad He Won't Get Elected
  • Yahoo Finance Library for Python
    Lose money the pythonic way: ystockquote
  • Yuppie Go Home
    Even handed essay on gentrification , post real estate crash.
  • Resources for Grants
    Warhol Foundation Creative Capital - Arts Writers Grant Program NY Foundation for the Arts The Foundation Center

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