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  • Nostalgic for the Future
    FM-2030 was a novelist, diplomat and transhumanist philosopher.  Ryuchi Sakamoto and Iggy Pop's wierdo 1987 duo tune "Risky" was supposedly inspired by FM's ideas and has
  • Best Infomercial
    Quintron's Drum Buddy .  A sweet machine.
  • Remix Theory
    Eduardo Navas blogs at remixtheory.net .
  • Old Wax
    The Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project at UCSB has a huge collection of mp3s from old Amberola and other tubular-form recordings. All are out of copyright.
  • Poe Goes Disco
    Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light from CANADA on Vimeo .
  • Perfect Summer Jam for the Winter
    This cold and snow just makes me want to get cozy with some tropical sounds and Theophilus London is seriously warming it up with some new-wavy R&B: Thanks Martin for the
  • Ur-Hipster
    Harry Everett Smith was quite a guy.  He put together the critically important, Anthology of American Folk Music for  Folkways Records.  He made experimental films . 
  • Beyond Body and Soul
    Great collection of old soul tunes on YouTube.
  • Gimme Some Horns Now
    More amazing balkan/polka brass house, this time from this french group, Papa Tango Charly:
  • Blown Out Hits
    30 15 Moog - music blog with lots of blown out 70s synth jams, library music, bad-but-good new age stuff, etc.
  • Minimal Orientalist
    Quite a dancefloor hit at the moment; Blaue Moschee (Blue Mosque):
  • The Sound of North Jersey
    Tony Humphries, true old school master of garage and house.  He's still going strong.

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