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  • Transhumans Still At It
    Martine Rothblatt is a wealthy, successful, transgendered entrepreneur, having been an executive at several satellite and bio-tech firms.  She's also the founder of the T
  • Nostalgic for the Future
    FM-2030 was a novelist, diplomat and transhumanist philosopher.  Ryuchi Sakamoto and Iggy Pop's wierdo 1987 duo tune "Risky" was supposedly inspired by FM's ideas and has
  • Vintage Meltdown
    The only fatal meltdown in US history was the SL-1 experimental reactor which blew up in 1961.  The three guys who died were so radioactive, they had to be buried in lead
  • Nostalgic for the Future
    Paleofuture is a blog with tons of historic visions of the future, with nice scans, organized around particular themes.
  • Man As Factory
    Amazing german poster from 1926.
  • Sadly Too Smart for their Own Good
    List of Inventors Killed by their Own Inventions
  • The Detritus Manifesto
    The Berliner Gazette just published my short polemic "The Detritus Manifesto" as "Das Abfall Manifest" in German.  Thanks to Fabian Wolff for the excellent translation. 
  • Nostalgic for the Future
    Popular Science has put up a huge archive covering the entire 137 year history of the magazine.  The navigation is rather crap at the moment (KW search only) but there's

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