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  • Modern Fonts
    Some nice "Modern" typefaces, all FLOSS licensed: Old Standard - based on old Russian academicy typography Goudy Bookletter 1911 Bookman
  • Walbaum
    Nothing says "german newspaper" like Justus Walbaum 's fonts.  Baker, turned stamp maker, turned type designer created one of the classic Didone faces: Walbaum Antiqua. 
  • Bell Gothic
    The venerable Bell Gothic , geometric and very quirky.  It was designed by Linotype's Chauncey Griffith for AT&T's phone books in 1938.  It was supposed to be economical
  • Open Source Palatino Alternative
    FPL Neu has small-caps, text and lining figures as well as pretty decent (european) unicode coverage.  Hinting looks nice in the OTF version.
  • Entering Unicode in VIM
    Vim supports direct unicode entry with Ctr-V "u" xxxx, with the x's being the unicode table index.
  • EB Garamond
    EB Garamond is an ambitious effort by Georg Duffner to make an open source revival of the original Garamond.  It is not yet complete but it looks great and should be good
  • PyOSD
    PyOSD is a nice little library that allows text overlays (90s TV style) on X-based displays.  Quick and rather dirty bitmapped fonts may not suit for all purposes.
  • HTML + CSS = PDF !
    Adam hyde tipped me off to this: BookJS (Requires Chrome 23+ at the moment) A little more work and we'll be close to precision page layout.
  • URW Gothic L
    URW Gothic L is a nice, old style, highly geometric sans face.  Here's a LaTeX version.  It's FLOSS licensed.
  • Hounded by Baskerville
    Baskerville is a really nice typeface that has a rather dramatic story (enlightenment, zombies, class warfare, Ben Franklin, etc.)  There is an Open Baskerville project a
  • Some Web Fonts
    Open Font Library has a big collection and a real CDN for free-libre web fonts. The League of Movable Type has a small but very polished collection of open-licensed type,
  • LaTeX and Python
    PyX is cool! "PyX is a Python package for the creation of PostScript and PDF files. It combines an abstraction of the PostScript drawing model with a TeX/LaTeX interface.
  • The League of Movable Type
    The League of Movable Type is a designer-lead project to build a collection of high quality Open Source typefaces.  Mostly screen fonts oriented toward web use but there'
  • Unicode - the Movie
    in Helvetica.
  • ConTeXt
    ConTeXt is a set of macros for TeX providing a lot of fancy typographic tools and manipulations.
  • Antiqua vs. Fraktur
    While many people might think of Fraktur typefaces as "Nazi Fonts", Hitler actually tried to have them banned.  Wikipedia covers the whole controversy , which started bac
  • Open Source Design Resources
    Open Source Publishing - a site run by the great folks at Constant. Libre Graphics Magazine - new, could be interesting.
  • Some Nice Decorative Open Source Fonts
    Fonts by James Kilfiger OSP Foundy - Lots of goodies from the designers at Constant Dieter Steffman - Amazing collection of largely German historical typefaces
  • Lamination Colony
    Lamination Colony is a web-based experimental writing 'zine (can I say that?).  They also have some amazing, strictly-HTML (no images) design.
  • Make PDFs from HTML with Python
    xhtml2pdf is used by FLOSS Manuals and others to make books from HTML page layouts.  Supports lots of options and fancy styling.
  • Embedded Web Fonts with WOFF
    Firefox 3.6 supports WOFF embedded fonts .  Designers rejoice!  You can finally stop using Verdana for everything.  Now be prepared for a flood of web sites with bubble
  • ASCIImeo
    Watch Vimeo videos through rendered with colored text instead of pixels.
  • Linux and Web Fonts
    Some good suggestions with comparisons of standard web fonts and typical open source alternatives installed on most Linux distros.

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