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  • Typing As Time-Based-Narrative
    Text is narrative, certainly, but aside from crime dramas, typing itself is rarely used to represent the story as a writing process.  Jaromil's TBT is software to record
  • OCR in Javascript
    Crazy, decent OCR cross-compiled to javascript!
  • Convert Document Formats
    Pandoc can convert almost any ridiculous document format to a reasonable or unreasonable format.
  • Writing Machines
    Nietzsche's Typewriter An Excerpt From Kittler's - Gramophone, Film, Typewriter Matthew Kirschenbaum is researching the history of word processing , including juicy bits a
  • Death and Taxes
    Slate has two reviews of David Foster Wallace's incomplete posthumous novel The Pale King .  Apparently, it's about boredom, alienation and humanity in a technocratic wor
  • Mark Marino
    Mark Marino is an electonic literature artist and a really cool guy.  I met him in Bergen.  He teaches at USC and maintains a blog / conference on Critical Code Studies.
  • Further Exquisition
    I'm off to the Piksel festival again this year.  Jonni Kemp and I are doing a geographically distributed, more analog process this time around.  Sad Sabrina won't be the
  • Computational Reading
    Instead of "close reading" some propose a statistical / Darwinian approach to literature: Franco Moretti - Graphs, Maps, Trees: Abstract Models for a Literary History V. P
  • Lamination Colony
    Lamination Colony is a web-based experimental writing 'zine (can I say that?).  They also have some amazing, strictly-HTML (no images) design.
  • Academic Journals Relevant to Media Art
    Kritikos CTheory eSharp Crossings Consciousness, Literature and the Arts Art & Research Image Science Digital Creativity
  • exquisite_code London
    Johnny Kemp , Sabrina Small and I have organized a new, ambitious version of our exquisite_code collective writing system.  We are going to attempt to generate a novel fr

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