Brendan Howell

General Remarks

This publication contains a selection of anecdotes by or about Brendan Howell which the reader may find important, expository or amusing.

As the subject, here writing somewhat awkwardly, in the third person, has spent much time creating various interactive artworks and inventions, this document will focus on those areas as well as related, more remunerative projects. There are intentions to expand this site to include essays and pedagogical materials but these ideas remain purely aspirational at this time. Accomplishments in the domains of cycling, romance and home economics are not covered here as they are of limited, if any, interest to a more general public. However, readers seeking information on those topics are advised to inquire directly, preferably in the context of a nice meal or stroll in the park.

The author lives in Berlin, Germany but can often be found walking in wooded areas of Northern Europe or enjoying pastoral life in Hacksneck, Virginia, USA with his extended family.

Contact via email.

Brendan Howell photo by Sonja Nilsson