Brendan Howell

Commercial Works
Welcome to #BeBeethoven

A location-based virtual exhibition of new musical research responding to Beethoven’s legacy.

The exhibition consists of a set of custom-made rugs with QR-code patterns that lead visitors to audio/video works of the contributing artists. The contents are all served by a local-only customized WiFi access point and server – the part-digital / part-physical nature of the format brings visitors into the space and imparts a more embodied experience, while taking advantage of some of the richness and flexibility of digital media. This was especially appreciated as the project was realized and exhibited during various phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Screenshots from the digital exhibition

I conceived, developed and implemented the digital platform in collaboration with the curatorial production team. It was a lot of fun and especially satisfying to make something so well suited to the difficult situation. It also felt like it helped give the artworks the presentational aura that they deserved.

It was shown in the Schickhard Halle in Esslingen as well as the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn, Germany. There are plans to bring the exhibition to other locations in 2021.

Curator: Thibaut de Ruyter

Production: Lilli Maxine Ebert

Graphic Design: Büro Farbe

Organized by Podium Esslingen

Contributing Artists: Elina Albach, Kaan Bulak, Elisa Erkelenz, Quadrature (Juliane Götz & Sebastian Neitsch), Johann Günther, Mathias Halvorsen, Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst, Juri de Marco, Inigo Giner Miranda, Koka Nikoladze, Michael Rauter, Kae Tempest, and Alexander Schubert.

Women using a tablet computer in an exhibition View of exhibition hall