Brendan Howell

Rustic Computing

Slow computing for pleasure.

Interpreted, produced and performed on location by Alexandr D3mark0 Mikhailov

The work was commissioned for the 14th Biennial of Siberia in Krasnoyarsk. Artists were asked to conceive artworks and submit them as a set of printed (PDF) instructions to be realized in the Museum Centre Ploschad Mira.

It presents an Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) that functions without the need for an electronic digital computer. Instead it works as a simple, pleasant method for automatically generating poems in the style of Anna Akhmatova using common everyday materials.

If you would like to practice this form of natural artificial intelligence with friends, family or neighbors, you can print the instructions and enjoy your own convivial computation. Or check the shop if you would like to buy a signed copy.

Installation photos by Aleksey Myslitskii

Installation View Rustic Display An Instruction Set Methods for Convivial Computing Poetry In, Poetry Out